Active Birth Testimonials

Have a read of some of our most recent testimonials from the Mums and Dads to be who attended our Active Birth workshop. If you’ve attended, we’d love to hear from you too! x


Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to drop you a message to let you know that your teaching can go far beyond pregnancy yoga!

I did a 10k run on Sunday – prior to that the farthest I’d run was 5k, and that was only twice in the two weeks leading up to the big run. So, when I reached the halfway mark in the 10k, I mentally prepared myself to take one kilometre at a time. When I reached the 6k mark, you suddenly popped into my head. I remember you saying “When you get to 6cm you’ve done the hard work, you can make it to 10cm without an epidural if you want to” and all of a sudden the race was my labour and reaching the finish line was my baby J

I may not have avoided the epidural during my actual labours, but I did avoid it (i.e. stopping to walk) in my 10k labour. So thank you. The seeds you plant in your mamas’ heads go way beyond getting us through pregnancy and childbirth.

If I ever win the Lotto, I’ll be knocked up in the blink of an eye and I’ll be back in your classes J

Hope all’s well with you and your gorgeous family.

Emma Howlin xx


Rachel’s active birth workshop came at the perfect time for us, we were not sure if I was going to have to have an early induced birth and we were both feeling scared. The workshop gave me the confidence to write and follow through with a birth plan that worked for us. I felt really informed about hospital policies and that allowed me to ask the right questions from the mid wives and to have the knowledge to discuss any concerns I had before hand. My birth in the end was everything I could have wanted, I felt confident and in control enough to try to achieve a drug free birth. I also had the support of the amazing Doula Suzanne so it was a total team effort!! I would highly recommend this workshop, it changed my outlook and approach to giving birth.

Natalie Coleman 

Taking part in the Active Birth Workshop, was a truly enlightening experience, getting no-nonsense information that was unbiased (your hospital affiliated antenatal classes will push you in a direction that aligns with their own preferred methods of delivery) helped so much. I knew the right questions to ask, and the right way to ask them. The classes gave me the confidence to play an active role and support my wife during this wonderful journey. I can’t thank Rachel enough!!!

John Paul Dowling ( Husband!) 


Doing the workshop was amazing, not just for the content, which was spectacular and helped me understand a lot of what labor and birth look like, but also for the feeling that I wasn’t alone in trying to have a natural birth. Seeing all the other women there who were looking for a similar experience gave me reassurance that it’s possible, especially coming from Brazil, where a c-section is the de facto standard for births, unfortunately. My partner was very happy with the content (and possibly the fact that he saw other men just as anxious as himself!) as well and has been so supportive throughout this journey! I would 100% recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to have a safe, gentle birthing experience!

Laura Prado

Our experience of the workshop was just invaluable in the preparation for the birth of our boy – Darragh – who was born on 14 May. the birth was perfect in every way – pain free (‘we love contractions’!) And therefore painkiller And pain relief free – not even a paracetamol was had! The workshop enabled us to know what to expect and to manage the birthing process. Myself and my husband both were v calm and felt completely in control. In the middle of labour I was heard to say ‘it’s just so nice’!
Would recommend any parents to be who would like to enjoy the active birth experience to attend the workshop as a minimum, we also invested time in hypnobirthing and meditation which added value to and complemented the preparation from the workshop.

Thanks so much!!!

Grainne, Brian and baby Darragh


“This is my third pregnancy and I found it to be really helpful. It was fun, informative and really helpful to myself and my husband. I would highly recommend it to both first time as well as for those on further pregnancies”

Aoife McCormack


“The active birth class was the only class we went to. As first time parents we wanted a one-stop shop to get us comfortable with the idea of childbirth and the labour process and Rachel gave us all that and more. I came away from the class relaxed, and excited to meet my baby knowing all the technical details. It was the mental preparation that I needed to welcome baby Zelda. She’s 3 months now and I honestly think that my labor was only as zen as it was because of Rachel and her active birth class.”

Zoe Carol


Hi Ciara,

Just to say I really enjoyed the class on Sunday.

I left feeling ready to give birth and felt I had the tools to manage the first stage of labour at home in a calm gentle manner.

I found it better than the antenatal I attended at the hospital and feel my partner would’ve gotten more from Rachel’s class (he was unable to attend on Sunday) than he did from the antenatal class. Her practical advice for the partners to support the mum was great.

I felt it worked well with the ladies having time in the morn to discuss the different issues was great and then partners coming in for the second half of the day so wouldn’t change a thing.

Thanks for a lovely day,

Kind Regards,

Elaine Kelly





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