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Sinead & Cuinn

Big congratulations to Sinead (PYL Thurs lunch) on this fabulous birth story and the arrival of baby Cuinn. We love it. Great story! Can’t wait to meet little Cuinn x Hi Ciara, Here is Cuinns birth story! Sinead Birth story for Cuinn Maguire Going to bed Wednesday night feeling...

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Karen & Callum

Big congratulations to Karen (PP Mon lunch & PP Tues) on the birth of beautiful Callum. We can’t wait to meet him x Hi girls, I’m delighted to let you all know that baby Callum finally arrived 4 days late last Friday 11/11/16 at 6.25pm weighing 8lb 4 oz...

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Sinead & June

Big congrats to Sinead (PY Tues) on the birth of the gorgeous little June. What a dote. We can’t wait to meet her x Hi Rachel and Ciara, I wanted to let you know Baby June O’Regan arrived at 1:04am on Wed 9/11. My birth story is pretty short...

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Ruth & Culann

Big congrats to Ruth (PP Tues) on the birth of Culann. What a little heart breaker. We can’t wait to meet him x Hi all, I’ve been meaning to send this in for a while but excited to share with you that Culann Thomas Beller was born on October...

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Audrey & Elodie

Big congrats to Audrey (PY Tues) on the birth of little Elodie. What a dote. Can’t wait to meet her x Hi Rachel and Ciara, Thank you for the voucher. I can’t believe Elodie is a more than a month now and I still didn’t get to write my birth...

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Celina and Dominik

Big congratulations to Celina (PY Tues & PP Thurs) on the birth of Dominik. What a dote. We can’t wait to meet him x Dear Rachel + Ciara, here is finally my birth story (feel free to shorten/select photos) A big thanks to Rachel for being so caring and generous...

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