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Ciara & Edith

Hi Rachel (and Ciara and the rest of the gang), I’m really sorry about the delay, it’s been on my to do list! Here’s some pics of the little lady. She went for a fairly dramatic entry into the world at 40+5 but we’re so happy that she’s finally...

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Monthly Memberships a go go!

Where has the time gone? Can you believe it’s a month to Christmas?! But what a fun month it will be. All the Christmas lights are up. Everyone is in a festive mood (ignore the grouches that say it’s only November). Warm, snug fires at home to keep us...

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Sandra & Isla

So delighted to hear from Sandra. And hear her good news! Isla is a little beauty. Thanks so much for sharing xx Hi Suzanne It’s Sandra here from your old Monday lunchtime Pilates class (one of the Dunnes girls) I’m sorry it took me so long to get in...

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Soraya & Alba

Hi Rachel, Ciara, Kate, Suzanne and Lorna, This is day four after little Alba’s birth and I am delighted to be sitting down and sharing our birth story with you: My due date was Saturday, 4th November. On Thursday 2nd I had a visit with the consultant in Hollies Street for my 40...

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Fancy Dressed Babies!

We love Halloween here in the MyWellbeing Studios. What’s cuter than little babies dressed up like SuperWoman or a baby Geisha?? We were so delighted to have so many mums dress up for their Post Natal classes this week.  

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Three New Amazing Ways To Book!

We’re delighted to announce our new fabulous system is alive and kicking. Say goodbye to rigid courses confining you to a certain class per week and hello to a more flexible system, with lots more choice. So what’s changed?  Not your favourite classes, that’s for sure! In fact, we’ve...

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