Alma & Isla

alma-islaWonderful news from Alma (PY Tues) on the birth of little Isla. Isn’t she just dotie? We can’t wait to meet her x

Dear Rachel

Would like to introduce you to baby Isla O’Loughlin who arrived into the world at 5.35am on Tuesday, 13 December. She is perfect and we are completely in love with her, the best Christmas present we could have asked for.

As you know, they discovered I had colestatis at 34 weeks and had said the only solution was the delivery of Isla somewhere between 37-38 weeks. I had a fantastic positive birth experience first time round with Rian and the thoughts of an induction really unnerved me! I was trying to stay positive about it though so after your active birth workshop, I started on the natural induction methods – raspberry leaf tea, clary sage oil on bump every day, evening primrose oil, 2 acupuncture sessions with Lisa. Even had curry last Monday for lunch!! Came in last Monday at 37+1 for a check up in Holles St after my acupuncture session – they offered an induction that day but the doctor was also happy for me to wait another few days! I was eager to wait as I wasn’t really in the headspace for an induction just yet – I had also just had my brother’s wedding at the weekend and had packed our house for moving that week so wanted to take a few days to rest! They booked the induction for Thursday. We decided to check into a hotel so as I could rest – I couldn’t relax at home with all the boxes around me! Had a gorgeous bath and early night but didn’t sleep that well. Earlier, I thought I had noticed that my bump had dropped – her feet had been kicking quite high up but that evening there was definitely more of a gap. Thought it was my mind playing tricks on me! Woke at 3am with a dull ache and wandered around the room for the next 45 minutes trying to figure out if things had started – contractions were close together and lasting more than 40 seconds. Knew from first labour that things started like this for me so woke Paul, called Holles st, packed up and checked out! Arrived at Holles st at 4.45 and was taken straight to a delivery room. They needed to get antibiotics into me as I had GBS so they went in first at 5.10. Pulled out tens machine, got my yoga ball and mat and turned on my gentle birth music! The contractions were very intense at this point, almost flowing one into the other, and I had incredible pressure. Midwife Elenor was great, loads of encouragement and told me I was almost there – I didn’t know if that meant another few minutes or another hour, I was afraid to ask. Within minutes, I felt the urge to push and went with it – out came her head  and with the next contraction, out popped her body, what a sense of relief. Isla was born at 5.35am so things had moved very fast!

She is perfect and we are over the moon that it all went well and that it was a positive birth experience for us.  Think the classes with you, along with the active birth workshop, helped hugely in preparing me both physically and emotionally for Isla’s arrival so a big thank you. Will see you in the new year for some mum and baby yoga!! Looking forward to it.

Happy Christmas!

Alma x

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