The Benefits of Mum and Baby Yogalates

Nine months can feel like an age and yet it always surprises me how quickly it flies by. It’s great to see our mums come back with their babies, after they have been in with us for our pre natal Pilates, Yoga and Yogalates classes. It really means so much to us because, of course, we’re always dying to meet this little person that’s been growing inside them, but it’s even better for our mums.

Why is that you may ask?

Our Mum and Baby Yogalates classes are a perfect way for mums to get back exercising in a gentle, safe environment but one that will work those muscles and get you back into shape. And babies don’t miss out either. It’s an interactive space, where we spend 10 minutes on mum and 10 minutes on baby.

Here are some of the many reasons why a M&B class is for you.

  • A chance for mums to bond with their baby.
  • The best way to ease back into exercise that is mindful of your body post delivery.
  • A little workout for baby who benefits from the repetition of the exercises.
  • Great for promoting a restful sleep for little babies. Exhausted after their workout and the socializing, they are primed for a long afternoon nap.
  • A chance to meet other mums.

Want to try a class?

Come along to our Thursday class at 2.30 pm. Book your place here or drop me, Ciara, a mail at