Birth Story – Karys Madeleine Larsen Doyle

Congratulations Laragh. We love hearing these honest birth stories! Glad to hear that our pregnancy classes served you well 🙂

Here’s the story straight from Laragh:

Hi ladies,


Just to let you know that gorgeous little Karys Madeleine Larsen Doyle was born at 9pm on Wednesday 25th at 41 weeks + 1. She weighed 3.84 kg (8 lb 7). Despite her delayed arrival, once she decided she wanted to see the world she came quite quickly! I had been determined to try and get to a class at 40 weeks, but never managed with one thing and another!!


I had a small bleed at 40 weeks and was admitted to hospital where they wanted to induce me. Once all the tests were done which showed that the baby was fine, I asked if it was absolutely necessary that I be induced – it just didn’t feel right. And thankfully they let me go home. But then I still had to do some waiting before she started making it known that she was ready to arrive on her own! At around 3 am on Wednesday 25th I got my first ‘twinge’ – it wasn’t painful but was at last a small sign that things were beginning to happen! I started off the day as normal with the odd cramp here and there and was about to head out and about to return a new rug that wasn’t quite right when my waters broke. I happened to have a midwives appointment that afternoon so we went to that, by which stage the cramps were a lot stronger. The midwives checked everything and there were signs of meconium in the waters so we went directly to Holles street from the midwives clinic and ended up being admitted straight to the delivery ward as things had started to progress quite quickly by that stage. I was in active labour by around 4 pm and Karys arrived at 9 pm after quite an intense labour. The community midwives were just incredible and thanks to them I managed (just about!) without an epidural, although she needed a little help at the end as she hadn’t rotated quite right and the fetal trace indicated that she was getting tired. So she needed the help of the ventouse (and I needed an episiotomy unfortunately). But I was just thrilled to have the safe arrival of a healthy baby. We spent that night in hospital and came home the following day (on Thursday). We’ve been settling in well at home since then and at her weigh in today she has even put on weight since she was born 5 days ago! So all is going well so far and we’re all really happy 🙂


I hope all is going well there at the studio. Hi to everyone from Karys and I 🙂



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