Deirdre & Oscar

deirdre-oscar-01Big congrats to Deirdre (PP Monday lunch) on the arrival of baby Oscar. What a dote!! We can’t wait to meet him x

Hi RACHEL and all,

Just wanted to let you know I had my baby boy Oscar on Dec 2nd, exact due date!
We’re thrilled with him x

I had a fairly straight forward birth. Started getting period like cramps at 4am on Thursday morning so got up and took two panadol and got back into bed to try and get some sleep. After a while I got up and pottered around the house getting bags ready etc. I used the ctx app to time the contractions which was brilliant and a bit of a distraction. Spent the day at home leaning over ball when contractions came and breathing through it. I put the tens machine on but didn’t find it that good.Eventually at about 9 pm pains started to get stronger and contractions were about 5 mins apart so said we would head to hospital. I was dying to see what stage I was at. I went in and met my lovely midwife who was really calm. She brought me straight into a labour ward and examined me and I was 1-2 cm. I had a show at home at 5 pm but waters were still intact. Laboured for 2 more hours using gas and air. She examined me again 2 hours later and I was 4cm. It was after midnight at this stage and was getting tired after being up so long. At that point she offered to break waters but was not pushy in any way. I thought about it for a while and pains were getting stronger so asked about epidural because I didn’t think I’d be able to keep going and get through another few hours and then pushing. I decided to have the epidural which I was so glad of. In order to get that she had to break my waters.Things really started to speed up then and I went through a lot of pain and I’m pretty sure I was well dilated by time got the epidural. She examined me again and I was 9-10cm. She could feel the head was well up the canal and said it might be an hour to get to pushing stage. At this point I actually went to sleep for an hour and woke up with a bit more energy to push. Pushed for about 35 mins before Oscar was born. We had over an hour with him on our own in the labour ward which was lovely.

Doing the Pilates and keeping active during the pregnancy really stood to me. I had done the active birth workshop with RACHEL the previousdeirdre-oscar-03 
and highly recommend it. I think that got me through the whole thing and prepared me mentally. It was really good for my partner as well and he knew how to help me rather than annoy me ?. I was delighted I didn’t have to go to the pre labour ward. Although, I do live 5 mins from Holles street so it’s a bit easier when don’t have to worry bout traffic getting to hospital! The only thing I would do differently is get epidural a bit earlier.

So all in all it was a good experience and so worth it to have little Oscar here for Christmas
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas ? and see you in the new year in some Mom n baby

Deirdre & Oscar

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