Edwina and Oisin

Edwina shared her birth story with us and we are delighted. Welcome baby Oisin. What a cutie. Can’t wait to see you guys in Mum & Baby Yoga 🙂


Hi Rachel,

Hope you and the bump are keeping well. I just wanted to let you know that we had a baby boy called Oisín on the 20th April.
His birth was very different from Éanna’s (long labour with induction, epidural, forceps and episiotomy). I’d been getting period like back pain and cramps for a few days. Contractions started at about 6,30 on the Sunday evening. We had dinner and then I was bouncing on my ball watching tv for the rest of the evening.
By 1am the contractions were closer together and getting stronger so we decided to go into the rotunda to get checked out. We live quite close to the hospital so we figured if things weren’t progressing that we could come home again. Unfortunately when they checked me I wasn’t dilated at all. They were concerned that if my waters went that the cord may come down because of the position of Oisín’s head so they wouldn’t let me go home. Instead I was sent off to the early labour ward.
On the ward, I put my headphones in and listened to my gentle birth tracks. As well as keeping me calm and focussed, it blocked out the noise from everyone else on the ward. I bounced on my ball and walked the corridors and Emer gave me back massages. At 3,30 my waters went. There was meconium in the waters and when they examined me I was 3cm so we were sent straight to the delivery room.
We got to the delivery room at 3,40. By the time we got there I was finding it very difficult. The contractions were very strong and very close together. Because of the meconium they needed to continuously monitor me. They tried to monitor me while I sat on my ball but they couldn’t get a reading so I had to lie on my side on the bed. The gas and air wasn’t helping. I asked for the epidural because I was only 3cm so figured I had hours left to go, it looked like I was going to be confined to the bed anyway and I was really struggling to cope with the pain. I was told that it would be about 10 minutes before they would be able to give me the epidural. About two minutes later, I felt loads of pressure and needed to push. A few pushes later and Oisín was born at 4,11am (40 minutes after my waters broke and 30 minutes after I got to the delivery room).
He’s a gorgeous little fella and we’re enjoying getting to know him. Éanna is slowly adjusting to being a big brother. I just had a small tear so my recovery has been great, so much easier than last time.
Thanks a million for all the help with the pgp. I really missed the pilates class later in pregnancy, it was such a pity I wasn’t able to continue with it. The good news is that the pgp seems to have lifted since Oisín was born so I’m really looking forward to mother and baby yoga in a few weeks. And Emer will be taking Oisín to baby massage.
See you in a few weeks.
Edwina and oisinEdwina and Oisin 2



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