Elaine & Isobel

Elaine (Tues 17.30 & Thurs 13.05) has welcomed baby Isobel into the world!

Thank you so much for sharing your story and gorgeous pics xx

Hi Rachel, Shauna

Elaine here from the Tuesday 17.30 and Thursday lunchtime class

Firstly, congratulations to you Rachel on the birth of your little man, I hope you both are getting on well.

I’m just emailing to let you know that baby Isobel made her dramatic entrance 10 days early on August 29th. Her arrival came unexpectedly and we’re very grateful to have her here safely.

It all started when I was admitted to the Rotunda with high blood pressure the Thursday before she arrived, I thought I was just a bit stressed as I had no symptoms but they weren’t letting me out of there until they were happy. On the Friday I had a scan which showed she was measuring very small  so they were talking about inducing labour. By Fridaynight her movements had slowed and my blood pressure wasn’t settling so by Saturday morning the decision was made to induce. The inducement started at around 11.15 on theSaturday using the prostin gel, by 11.30 her heart rate had plummeted so it’s was all hands on deck for an emergency c-section to get her out as soon as possible. Isobel was born by 12.07 and was a tiny 4lb 9oz.

She spent 4 nights in NICU to maintain her blood sugar but was discharged with me on Sept 3rd. She’s doing very well and is gaining weight and feeding well.

Although I didn’t have anywhere near the birth experience I had imagined (I had been rolling around on my ball for weeks and doing my home practice pilates religiously), I’m very glad I did your classes, I was able to use the breathing exercises honed in the classes to remain extremely calm before and during the operation and am recovering very well. As you know it’s been a stressful few months for me and the classes and home practice have really helped so thank you very much. I’m hoping to see you and other moms at baby yoga in the next few months.

Take care

Elaine and Isobel

Elaina & Isobel.jpg1Elaina & Isobel

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