Elizabeth & Thomas

Huge congrats to Elizabeth (Thursday 17.30) on the birth of new baby Thomas

Gorgeous pic and story Elizabeth

Hope to see you both in class soon x


Hi Rachel,


I hope all is well and that pregnancy is treating you well? I’m just writing to let you know that on 1 May, bang on his due date, Thomas arrived. A big thanks for all the help during the pregnancy – the active birthing workshop and yogalates were a great preparation.


The birth itself was very different to my experience with Jack – I had had a few days of not-so-bad back pain and my waters broke almost bang onmidnight. Almost immediately I got strong contractions every 3/4 minutes. Headed into Holles St and they asked me to walk the corridor for an hour. I was then re-examined and was in labour; I walked (slowly) to the labour room, managed to eventually get on the bed, after which I asked for the epidural but was then told I was having the baby and the pushing phase started. As he was coming so fast the midwives were mostly asking me to not push – which was difficult. All-in-all the labour and pushing lasted 55 minutes. Given how quickly things happened it was difficult to keep my composure at the end but the breathing and tens got me through some pretty instense contractions (the gas and air was taken off me because I was trippin’ off my head – begged for it back but no joy!). Recovery was also so much better afterwards – I had some tearing but I was so surprised how much of a difference not having the epidural made.


All is going well since we got home and I’m hoping we’ll make it to some mum and baby classes in a few weeks. A big thanks again for all your help during the pregnancy … now I just have to start working on my saggy stomach! 


Talk soon,



Elizabeth & Thomas

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