Frances & Oliver

Hello Rachel, Ciara, Suzanne and Kate,

Baby Oliver Francis Hughes arrived at 19:26 this day last week on the 4/1/18 weighing in at 9lbs 2oz!!!!

I had a cons appt last Tuesday and had my first VE!! It wasn’t as bad as expected. She was super excited as she thought I would go into labour naturally on the Tuesday night myself! The baby’s head was well down and my cervix was favorable. TMI I know!!!

I had been booked in for the prostaglandin on the Wednesday which the Dr then cancelled after the VE. We were then booked in for Arms Wednesday am if I didn’t myself go naturally on Tuesday night. I didn’t unfortunately so into the Coombe we went wed am. It was just bedlam in there. So after waiting till 1pm we approached the midwife in the assessment unit and asked could we go home. We had been between the cafe and the car since 9am! I was then put on the list for Thursday am all the time hoping I would go into natural labour. Alas it was not to be in so again arrived into the Coombe 7:30 on the 4/1/18.  After again some difficulty getting a bed on the labour we eventually got one at 10am. Ironically the room I was in has the bath which I couldn’t use😢. Dr had my waters broke by 10:30 and syntocin was running.

The midwife then went on her break and I was reading my book on her return 30 minutes later I could barely breathe or stand. The contractions were extremely close together and intense. By 12:30 it was decided to get an epidural. After that took place and the pain resided  the midwife performed a VE and I was 7cm dilated. I had a wee rest which was amazing. By 6:30 I was fully dilated and ready to push. However after a wee while of pushing baby’s heart rate was dropping after every contraction! We made the decision with the consultant to go ahead with an instrumental delivery with an episiotomy and Oliver was born at 19:26! The cord had been wrapped round his we neck so got a shock when I first saw him. The cord had to be cut straight away as needed to be assessed by the paediatrician but thank goodness all was well.

I have to admit even though it was the furthest thing from an active birth the whole experience was extremely positive. Everything remained calm, controlled and enjoyable throughout the day. We had an amazing midwife Camille from France and my consultant was also outstanding. We spent three nights in the Coombe again a nice experience but we couldn’t wait to get home. Have been home since Sunday eve and it has been all go. It was discovered at discharge that Oliver had a wee tongue tie which we got sorted yesterday eve so feeding has become a lot easier! Still super sore but improving.

I miss you all so much. I will see you all soon though. I can’t believe how ours lives have changed in 1 week but I am loving it.

Love to ye all,
Fran, Gerry and baby Oliver.

Ps Rachel the cons side my pelvic floor muscles were impressive!! Thank you!!

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