Janice and Elliot

janice-and-elliotSo delighted for Janice (PY Tues) on the arrival of Elliot. A great planned c-section story. Well done Janice. Can’t wait to meet little Elliot xx

Hey Rachel,

I finally got around to writing the birth story!

So, as a result of previous obstetric adventures combined with a low-lying placenta, I was scheduled for a c-section at 39 weeks. The birth story is noticeably less dramatic than the last time round, for which I’m very grateful!

On Monday I was admitted to the hospital at 9am and sent up to a ward to be checked in. I’d been fasting from midnight, with no water after 8am. We went through a pre-op checklist with a nurse and then settled in to wait to be called. As day procedures are usually first and there were a few people ahead of me for c-sections, the midwife told us that It was unlikely that anything would happen for about three hours. She gave me an antacid tablet and left us to, em, relax.

As time passed another nurse came to check blood pressure, pulse and so on. About two and a half hours after we had been checked in the nurse came back to hand over a gown for theatre and a shot of a liquid antacid, and said we’d be heading down shortly. A midwife from theatre came up to run through a pre-op list again and then said it was show-time.

We headed down and had a last chat with the lovely midwife who noticed that I was what my granny would have described as a ‘pale shade of green’. She was very reassuring and did an excellent job of calming the nerves. She took me through to theatre and left my husband to get gowned, and said she’d come back for him just before the action started.

Once I walked into theatre i hopped up on the table (well, lumbered up) and the anaesthetists and surgeons talked me through what would happen next. A few minutes later the spinal block had been administered, incision was made and my husband was brought in to sit beside me. The business end was screened from view but after around five minutes a tiny little baba appeared above the screen, red-faced and unimpressed at being disturbed! Well, maybe not so tiny – Elliot weighed in at 8lb6.

He was quickly checked and minutes after his arrival was placed on my chest for skin to skin time whilst the wound was stitched up. Then he and his dad went down to recovery where I joined them after about 30-40 minutes for a further two hours of skin to skin, after which we were moved to the ward at around 4.30pm. I was out of bed at 8am the next morning and we were discharged from hospital 48 hours after the time of Elliot’s birth. As before, the care in the Coombe was fantastic and we were so well minded. We’re home and everyone’s doing really well – he’s a little delight and his big brother adores him!

Thanks again to you and to all of the Tuesday-night class since May for the weekly pregnancy-therapy that has once again been a very important part of the journey! Best of luck to everyone and hope to see you in January for baby yoga. And Merry Christmas!

All the best

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