Jo & Sadie

Hi Rachel, Ciara, Suzie, Kate and all the yogis!

Just wanted to keep you updated on baby action:

I went 13 days over and was due induction on day 12 but the Coombe was very busy and had no space for me on Wednesday morning. Came in Wednesday evening and stayed the night, terrible nights sleep! At about 10:15, the next morning, they popped my waters and hooked me up to the Syntocin drip. I gas and aired myself through labour and the baby exited the incubator at 2:24pm that afternoon! Couldn’t believe it when she popped out, I swore a lot! She weighed a whopping 8.12lbs or 4kg.

I got 2nd degree tears, had a few stitches and bum is a bit sore. I literally thought the baby was gonna exit through me hoop!  

Cian and I finally settled on a name: Sadie May-Sayles (that’s both our surnames as we are to stubborn to give up our names!). She’ll also have my first name as a middle name, Josephine.

So there you have it! All the active birth training and yoga really paid off and I wouldn’t have been in nearly as good a head space if I hadn’t be coming to you guys for the past 5 months. Thanks for all your support, brilliant advice and generally being a sound group of heads! Looking forward to continuing the journey at MyWellBeing with Sadie tucked under my warrior pose!

Catch you in a few weeks!


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