Lorna and Mabel

lorna-mabelBig congrats to Lorna (PP Tues 17.30) on the prompt arrival of little Mabel. Isn’t she a dote? Can’t wait to meet her in the new year x

Dear Rachel,

Mabel Elizabeth Proctor arrived safely on her due date 10/12/16 at 9.38pm weighing 8lbs 5oz. I was having irregular contractions about every 20 mins all day and figured it was probably pre-labour. At about 5.30pm they suddenly got really intense and started coming every 3-5 mins. Bit of a panic but got to the hospital at 7.30pm and she was born 2 hours later! It was a really straight forward delivery with no tears or stitches. I felt great the next day and decided to go home after one night in the hospital.  We’re thrilled at her arrival. Thanks for all the support, particularly with all my pelvic issues.

Merry Christmas and good luck to all the other expecting mummies!

Lorna x

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