Marina and Mia

Congratulations to Marina and Mia. Here is their story…

Hello Rachel & All,
Here is my story of Mia’s arrival.

20150929_173558On Saturday 26th I called into the rotunda due to reduced fetal movements, I was at 40+2 and after being monitored I have been visited by the doctor who told me ” We keep you overnight and will induce you tomorrow”. I was shocked and in denial that this was going to be the time, although I could not wait any longer to see this baby, I was scared to death that the time had come.
I stayed for the night, felt the baby moving again as normal, so I asked not to be induced as yet. They sent me for a scan on the following Monday morning; the answer to that was, “We are going to induce you tomorrow (Tuesday) and break your water on Wednesday if they don’t break naturally.”

Later that day, I started having slightly painful contractions 10/15 minutes apart from each other…too early to do anything. By 11pm I was keeping everyone in that bedroom awake with my screaming so I got moved to a smaller room, where also my boyfriend was able to spend the night, thankfully!
Because that was “THE NIGHT”. Asked for Pethidine, got it, on the gas and air for hours, at around 2.40 am my water broke naturally. It was a weird and relieving feeling right on that moment, but after that the contraction only got stronger and stronger.

The midwife checked me several times and I was only 2 cm dilated after 10 hours of suffering, I was hoping to reach 3 cm as soon as possible to get my epidural done. They brought me int he labor ward at around 7am, and started the epidural procedure on me. By 8am I was in Heaven! not feeling pain anymore, just nothing.
I even took a few naps in between checks.

At around 4pm it was time to start pushing. Yeah, but pushing what? I couldn’t feel the contractions anymore 🙂 They tried to use the ventouse twice and it didn’t work out, so the only thing left to try before C-Section was the forceps.
The Team of doctors over there was brilliant and they delivered my baby safely by 4.35pm of the 29th of September 2015 in the hottest room of the labor ward.

I was overwhelmed with emotions! Me and my partner Alessio cried at the sight of our miracle being delivered.

I don’t know yet if I will be able to go through that again, but then again, it is still too soon to say I guess 🙂

Thank you for your help with the Pilates classes and Best of luck to all the remaining mums in your classes.

Marina and Mia

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