Mary and Malachy

Big congrats to Mary on the birth of this little cutie, Malachy, last year (still making my way through the December birth news). We can’t wait to meet him xx

Hi Rachel,
Happy new year to you and hope you had a lovely Christmas. I wanted to let you know that I have a new man in my life! Dave and I welcomed our son into the world last night.. born 2.30am Saturday 30th December, weighing in at 7lbs 2 oz, and he is perfect. His name is Malachy McGrath. Cramping and contractions started at home on Friday 2.30 am, and we stayed at home until 4.00pm, advised to go to hospital to get examined (with a view to going home again). We ended up staying and went to the delivery suite at 8. We had the most amazing midwife, who was such a lovely calming presence and she really let me lead the labour…time was not an issue and I felt so supported. Used gas and air and a bean bag for positioning and tried to change up my position as much as I could. So delighted that as labours go it was non eventful, I really tried to use my breathing techniques to keep me focused and progress the labour. I’m really delighted that I got through it, and that I had the experience I wanted, with limited medical intervention, and where I got to make the decisions. Thank you so much for all your support… weekly yoga classes and the active birth workshop, I wouldn’t have had such a positive birth experience without all that I learned with you!
See you soon,

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