Mary & Claire Louise

Great news from Mary (Wed and Thurs 17.30) New baby Claire Louise was born yesterday!

Thanks so much much for sharing x

Hi Shauna, Rachel, Kate and all the new faces at My Wellbeing!

So I’ll not be making my drop ins this week as our little girl decided she had enough of waiting and arrived all in a rush this morning!

Firstly I want to thank Rachel and the new ladies of course for everything over the pregnancy.  I had a stress free pregnancy and a pretty easy labour (according to all the midwives) which I can only assume is largely down to your classes! Especially as all 3 asked me if I did yoga cos I was handling things so well for a first timer ha ha!

The labour was interesting as I was in complete denial! I was convinced the pretty strong pains I was experiencing all in my back from about 10pm last night were just practise labour – so much so I didn’t wake my husband in the next room until I started making noises at around 3:30am and he was the one to suggest & grab the TENS machine at around4am.  Still convinced it was all just not happening I went into shock when my waters broke around 6:30am but the great news was we arrived at Holles St at 7am 8cm dilated.  With some gas & air and the wonderful midwives helping me through some pushing and I had little Claire Louise in my arms at 8:01am.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m still in shock but I’m delighted that I got the natural birth that I so wanted which I have to say was in a big way down to the Pilates, yogalates & Active Birth workshop!  I can’t wait to start checking out the Mammy & Baby yoga!

Best of luck to the rest of the girls waiting for their little arrivals – honestly the thoughts of labour are a lot worse than the actual thing!

Oh – I highly recommend the TENS machine – it was great at home!

Lots of love and thanks again for everything 😍
Mary & Baby Claire Louise!

Mary & Claire Mary & Claire.jpg1

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