Nerea & Logan

We love, love, love this story from Nerea. Such a trooper. Thanks so much for sharing. And we can’t wait to meet Logan xx

Hi Rachel!

How are you? ?

Perhaps you were wondering where I was the last few weeks. Sorry for my missing on the service ?

I had my cute baby Logan last Monday morning same day than the Hurricane – I love that, “ “Hurricane boy”  ? I was in week 40 + 3.

He weight 3.9kg and 58 cm, so he is a big boy.

I started with contractions on Friday night but they were not strong enough,  every 10/12 min, so on Saturday I was all day like yes, no, maybe?

Because I am in the community midwife, I rang them and they told me that I had to wait because contractions were not  enough so my Saturday was plenty of walks, I have to say that the pain was like the same than my period,  annoying, so I can cope with it.

On Saturday night I started feeling contractions stronger but same lasting 20/30 seconds and o on Sunday morning they were more often so I rang them and a midwife came over to check and she told me that probably in the evening  I will have my baby but I should go to the hospital once contractions were every 3/4 min so it is what I did and I arrived to the hospital at 7pm and when they checked I dilated more than in the morning but they had to wait so I was in my room with my midwife breathing and doing all techniques that you taught me, Rachel, and seriously really worked, I was in the shower around 2 hours- THE BEST – contracciones were more more painful but around 10 pm my midwife had another women that she came with no ring before so she was the only one to attend her labour so during 2 hours she left me  with another nurse from the hospital (no community midwife) who was not nice, she was like a furniture, she didn’t help me at all,  so I think in those 2 hours I left my motivation and my positive mind went away.

When she came back I just asked for the epidural because I was on pain and also she broke my water, the epidural didn’t work at all, so they tried a second one but either so that was not good at all because I lost all my motivation/ energy –

I was  pushing during almost 1.30/2 hours and I was almost there, I was touching his hair as you did.

In all moment Logan was perfect, his pulse never went down, he was happy so it was the main thing and around 3 am they rang the Dr to help me and check the situation and finally they decided to use the ventosa because I didn’t have energy at all.

I had so many moments that I wanted to give up,  but my midwife was BRILLIANT, she encouraged and support me loads during all process, she was shouting to me in a good way all time. “You can do it…Come on…”And Neil suffered loads for me, but he was there all moment looking at me and helping me – I think he is still in sock, it’s a big time for partners too.

So finally with the ventosa I pushed once and my baby born at 3.17 – Thanks God.

They put me one long stiches, but Logan and myself were perfect.

I think It was a long labour and I had that weird feeling day after that I didn’t do enough but all Midwife’s told me I did great, I was in the Top Ten labours of the week (joking- ?)

So this is my story, don’t tell in class about my epidural didn’t work, you will scare them ? but honestly now I’ve forgotten about the pain, I have my baby and he is a healthy boy and it’s the most important thing.

I was at home on Monday at 5pm, because Midwife’s are coming over everyday to check and that is amazing. They are all so GOOD.

So hopefully in a few weeks I will join the baby yoga class and you will meet my little cute baby. At the moment he is so good, sleep and feed, I can’t complain at all.

OMG – such a big email!

Ps- the two weeks before the labour I didn’t call in because I had a bad pain in a shoulder so I was in the physio and also I was lazy (?)


Hope everything is going well, and see you soon.

Hello from Logan to “mywellbeing Family”

Nerea xx

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