Nicola & Rowan

When Nicola’s water’s broke in class, she waited patiently for her husband to collect her. We were just so excited. I think poor Nicola was in shock. After they headed off, we were just dying to know what happened. Here’s her story:

Sorry for delay in sending on. We’ve been busy! Our little boy, Rowan, made his way into the world on Good Friday March 30th, three weeks earlier than expected. It all started in fairly dramatic style when I felt a little trickle whilst doing a squat during the Thursday evening Yogalates class with Rachel. Not to be put off my squats, I did the next one and felt a lot of liquid come out and knew something was happening. I waddled out to the loo and confirmed my suspicions as my waters continued to flow. Ciara and Rachel were so calm when I came in to tell them the news but I was definitely in shock. Hadn’t been expecting it to happen and I was a bit early at 37+1.

I went in to the Rotunda about two hours later as I wasn’t feeling much movement so wanted to make sure all was ok. Another hour or so later when I was examined, I had mild contractions starting and was 2cm. They decided to keep me given the reduced movement and keep a trace on the baby. That was quite hard as had to lie down and keep fairly still whilst the contractions were getting more intense. Finally was let off the trace and soaked in the bath for a few hours which was lovely and a nice way to get through early labour.

I was moved to the delivery room at 3cm early the next morning and spent the next hour or two using the TENS machine and some gas. As I wasn’t progressing as quickly as they would have liked, they were starting me on Oxytocin to speed up contractions and I took the epidural at this stage as they said things would intensify fairly quickly. What I hadn’t known was that an epidural doesn’t work for everyone and was surprised, and very disappointed, to still feel intense contractions afterwards! The midwife recognised fairly quickly that something hadn’t worked as she rubbed ice cubes on my back and neck and I could feel them both the same. She called a second anaesthesiologist and I got a second epidural shortly after. After that everything happened fairly quickly and I was 10cm very soon afterwards. In the end after a lot of pushing, I had an episiotomy and a forceps delivery (which I couldn’t feel thanks to the second epidural!). Our little boy was 6 lbs 10 ounces and came out screaming crying. Thankfully I think he was  getting it out of his system as he’s been fairly good every since.

So for anyone who is 40+ weeks and looking to get baby moving, listen to Rachel and do your squats!!

Hope to see you all soon.


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