Noeleen and Conor

Noeleen & ConorA big congratulations to Noeleen (PP Tues & PYL Thurs) on the birth of baby Conor. What a dote. And what an amazing story. By God, it happened fast! xx

Hi Rachel, Ciara and Niamh,

So here is what happened to me.

My waters broke at 11.30 last Wednesday week.  I had been feeling a little strange all day.  It was like something out of a film with this rush of water. So went to the hospital.  They assessed me and as the contractions hadn’t started sent me home and I slept great.  When I woke the next morning the pains had started.  By 11.45 I knew we needed to get going to the hospital, while the duration or frequency of the contractions is not what they had said it should be, I know my body reacts very quickly to things and got going.  When we got to the hospital they assessed me at about 13.15 and I wasn’t dilated at this point.  I was in a lot of pain so they gave me some Pethadine.  The contractions started coming stronger and longer and before i knew it I felt myself trying to push.  They assessed me again and I was fully dilated.  At this point a lot of midwifes came in including a consultant and another doctor.  They told me the baby’s heart beat had dropped and they needed to deliver him quickly.  I was pushing for a while and then they used the vontouse machine, or whatever it is called and the Conor was born.  Baby Conor arrived at 14.22 so all very quick! Just Conorover an hour in active labour!  I have healed very well from the labour.  I feel I was very fit and strong from all the Pilates and Yogalates and it really stood to me. All those lunges, squats, press ups and pelvic floor exercises really paid off.  So thanks so much to Rachel, Niamh and Ciara.  I would recommend the classes to any pregnant ladies I know.  The real hard part now is looking after a new born with no training.

I really enjoyed attending the classes and will miss them now.  See you all soon again.

Noeleen ?

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