Olga & Baby Lara

Massive congratulations to Olga (Tuesday & Thursday 17.30) Beautiful baby Lara was born 19th August.

Check out birth story and pic xx

Hi Rachel and Shauna!
Hope you both are doing fine!

With some delay I would like to let you know that our baby girl Lara came to this world on 19th of August. Thanks a lot for the amazing classes and fantastic activ birth workshop- that was a great preparation for the labor and very good support during pregnancy time!
Here is my birth story to share. Sorry in advance for my english 🙂

Two days (!) after we moved to the new home I felt some contractions similar pain starting at 6 in the morning, but thought those are just a bit stronger braxton hicks contractions and nothing more :-). They were irregular and my waters didn’t break, so i  let my husband go at work with peace. I had a reflexology appointment at 9.30 and didn’t want to miss it no matter what’s happening:-) by that time i started suspecting, that was not just training contractions and my reflexoligy terapist confirmed that my labor points are sore- so i should be in labor( big thanks to Melanie from holistic centre! Her massage helped me to cope with pain and probably also shortened my labor time). After wonderful one hour massage session i went home to pick up my hospital bags and put the tense machine on. Around 11.30 the contractions were 5 min apart and quite strong and i was nervous to be too late to go to the hospital. At 12.30 i arrived at holles street with my mum and my husband was waiting there already. Contractions were very strong and only 5-3min apart. I thought,  i am already about 5 cm dialated (or even more lol) but the midwife said- i am only 3 cm however the cervics is soft and they will give me the labor room. 1,5 hour later i was still 3 cm. My show went out only now and waters still didn’t break. The midwifes suggested to break my waters to check the color and also to progress with the labor. I was not very enthusiastic about speeding up the things artificialy, but wanted to make sure- baby is ok, so i agreed (ok, the idea to get the things done earlier after several hours of strong contractions was also very seducing 🙂 ) Then there were 2 hours of very intense non stopable contractions only 3-2 minutes apart. I coped with pain by breathing, tense machine and sitting on the ball/toilet/on the bed facing the wall… Once the midwifes offered gas- i grabbed it straight away and we removed the tense machine. Then i was fully dialated and had to push, but something was wrong and baby didn’t want to come to this cruel world. Midwifes said, baby is getting distressed. There were three different doctors checking me and all decided to do the c sections which i was very unhappy about and i asked them to try to avoid it if still possible. They even prepared me for the anesthesy. Every time i was checked i tried to push as strong as i could and last doctor decided to try the vaginal delivery using the foresteps (thank God!) She also mentioned, baby just changed a bit the position to the better one. Finally baby Lara arrived at 19.18 and was 4140gr heavy (which might explain the diffuculties during labor). I had an episotimy and a tear but baby went out very fast (only by three pushes) once she was helped. And frankly speaking, i didn’t really care about myself at this stage- was only focused on my baby and wanted it out and healthy as soon as possible. She screamed straight after being born and got 9 points on apgar scale! 🙂
Though that was not a perfect birth, i still managed to go through it without epidural as i wanted. And i also avoided the c section which i really really didn’t want to have. The whole labor was also quite fast for the first time mum- 13hours from the very beginning (ok, i would prefer it to be even shorter 😉 )

Huge thanks to all the trainers at my wellbeing, terapists at holistic centre, Shauna and of course Rachael. I ve got a lot of great support and helpful advice. Best of luck to all the girls!

Olga & Lara

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