Ronan’s Birth Story




Ronan Peter McLoughlin was born, happy and healthy 30th August 2015, at 4.19am, at 40 weeks and 8 days. He is a little prince to his big sisters Clodagh 4 and Orlagh 2.


He is now 14 weeks and absolutely gorgeous! Its taken this long to write his birth story, maybe because life has just gotten so much busier juggling my 3 babies with my little business, or maybe because I am lucky enough to have had a very straight forward, quick and somewhat uneventful (apart from the joy, love and delight of my healthy son) birth experience.


rachel-gaffey-04For my 2 daughters, I was lucky enough to go into labour on my due date, and both girls were born at 40 +1, I just expected that this was how my body did it, and when 40 weeks came and went, I began the wait, see and wonder to see when Ronan would make his appearance.


One week after my due date, myself and my daughter Clodagh went for a mani pedi, it was at 6pm as I was getting my nails done that I felt the first tightening sensations and knew something was kicking off. Eugene collected us and as we were driving home, I had 2 contractions about 15 mins apIMG_0779art, short and gentle. Nothing really happened when we got home, as we got our girls into bed and did household stuff.


By 9pm we sat down to watch TV and chill out and gradually the surges started again, I rolled and bounced on my ball, by 10pm, they were coming regularly about 10 mins apart I called my Mum to come over to mind the girls.


With everyone settled in bed, I stayed downstairs, listening to music and being on my ball. By 2am I rang the Coombe, I was hoping to use the pool and have a waterbirth. They told me there was someone in it, to call back in an hour. At this stage, surges were about 30 seconds, every 7-10mins and very manageable.


By 3am I decided to wake Eugene and get our stuff together and make our way to the Coombe . Everything was calm and gentle between contractions, and the actual tightenings themselves were manageable thanks to my TENS machine and breathing. The main reason I went to the hospital was in the hope of using the pool and didn’t want to leave it til the last minute as the pool takes 30 mins to fill, plus they recommend coming in once you are in establisIMG_0876hed labour as there is currently only one pool available. I still believed I was in the early stages of labour not expecting anything to happen for several hours.


We got there, got to the assessment room and the midwives were having a toss up between whether myself or another lady would get to use the pool, meanwhile myself and the other mum to be were having polite chit chat in between our contractions.


My official admiss430amion time to hospital was 4am, and I was having chats with both Eugene and the other lady in contention for the water birth, out of no where, I started to vomit uncontrollably, followed by a very strong, long contraction. The midwives needed to move me very quickly to the first available delivery room, we got to the room, I got on the floor on a large mat, on my hands and knees, with my upper body resting on a bean bag, with the next contraction my waters broke along with a strong baring down urge to push sensation, and with the next contraction at 4.19 Ronan arrived, just under 20 minutes after getting to hospital.


I had a natural third stage delivery of placenta, delayed cord clamping and 2 hours of undisturbed skin to skin with my beautiful baby. Luckily no tear or stitches!


Throughout my pregnancy ( as with the other pregnancies) I kept my body strong with Yoga and Pilates. I also credit my mental strength (possible more important than physical strength) to Gentle Birth Hypnobirthing which kept my calm and relaxed through my surges. I also went to Lisa in Baby Steps Acupuncture who not only helped my baby turn head down, but also prepared my body for labour.


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