Tara & Kim

Hi Rachel,

Finally our little daughter Kim arrived yesterday morning and she is just perfect.

I went totally into the home birth zone and spent all the 12 days I was overdue hanging out by the fire waiting, rather than coming in to yoga, and then of course things didn’t go to plan but all fine in the end. I’ll give you a quick summary of the story!

I went in to Holles St on Tuesday night as I suddenly had a panic about reduced movement. I was monitored on arrival and all was fine, but the doctors thought the fluid looked slightly reduced and that the baby was slightly quiet so wanted me to stay in and wait for the term +12 scan which I was due the following morning anyway. So much to my disgust I stayed put. When my domino midwife came to chat to me in the early morning she talked me through the fact that induction was quite likely, and I wouldn’t be headed home for the lovely home birth. So after a few tears and a little while got my head around that a bit and focused!

So mid morning I was given the propez(?) prostaglandin tampon thingy (they recommended that was better than forcibly breaking my waters as my cervix hadn’t softened that much yet) and before too long I was getting regular pains. I felt in control though and managed to pace myself well and they took the propez out around 6 or 7pm as things had properly got going. It all felt a bit more intense with the induction, but I also felt and stayed in control and lots of moving and showers and Kim was born just after 3am with no drugs no stitches no problem! The final bit was very quick … just about got to a delivery room and she very nearly arrived in my knickers…

A little disappointed I wasn’t home with candles and a fire, but also feel like a superhero and we are all doing brilliant.

Thanks again for everything.


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