Vaia & Baby Eva

Great news from Vaia (Thurs 18.30 Yoga)

Baby Eva was born at the start of the month xx


Hi Rachel and   Shauna,

Our little Eva was born on Saturday morning, 1st Aug. days go really fast with a newborn at home 
I went to the hospital on Friday midday  as i thought that my waters broke.I had called holles street before hand and they advised to go there so they can Check the baby. aapparently there was plenty of fluid and was back home around 3pm.
I tried to rest as I knew that that could be the day and was back at the hospital around 9pm with regular contractions. The little one came at 9am next morning, after a long night. Somewhere in the middle of the night I asked for the epidural as I was getting sick from the pain.I also had an episiotomy at the end.
But all that seems so long ago, I can’t even remember the pain anymore. Having our little angel in my arms is all that matters.
TThank you Rachel for all the tips and aadvice, made the process so much easier and the pregnancy went so fast by attending the classes twice a week. You were also right about those exercises that took care of our abs. The midwife commented straight after the birth that my abs were very strong!
I wish you and the rest of th girls all the best for the new babies !!!
I send
you lots of love and positive energy
Vaia xx

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