We have a new roommate!!

Hi ladies,

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it for any more pregnancy classes thanks to a new roommate who moved in recently! Emory Woods made his presence known 5 May and came flying out at 5.26am that Saturday morning.



Since I know that I can be pretty long-winded, here’s a brief outline of what happened:


– Woke up to some dampness at 12.30am on 5 May (Saturday).

– Headed to bathroom, held my pee but there was still fluid streaming out – confirming suspicions of a burst water bag.

– Decided to head back to sleep to rest through the early labour stage; contractions were slowly starting to happen.

– At 2am started tracking contractions because they seemed out of control.

– Contractions were approx. 4mins apart and lasting approx 1.15mins each. They felt crazy insane.

– Had as quick a hot shower as possible, jumped into a taxi and arrived at Rotunda around 3.30am; by this stage, contractions were 2, 3mins apart – what the flip.

– Registration person decided to prioritise lecturing Declan and I on the registration protocols such as where to register etc vs. just registering us while I, this labouring woman who was in a lot of discomfort was leaning against the counter, not really able to talk.

– By the time I was seen I was dying for an epidural – anything that will take the pain away because I felt like I barely had a break.

– Midwives took their time (cos who takes a future first time mum seriously while they are in labour), and by the time they checked me I was already 9cm.

– They said they didn’t realise I could be so far along (no shit, Sherlock – maybe listen to me when I tell you abt the contraction frequency etc) because I seemed very calm.

– Next stop was delivery ward where they told me I could push if I felt the urge.

– Tried gas and air, did not work. Great.

– After around 1.5hrs of pushing and whimpering with no pain relief, an episiotomy (they explained that I have a short perineum which wasn’t stretching well enough for the baby who couldn’t wait to come out), I finally opened my eyes to see my 3.92kg (8.10lbs) monster crying on my chest.


While at home, I tried listening to hypnobirthing audios, swaying, squatting, a hot shower, massaging my back, and a few other things but nothing seemed to work for me. I suspect it was because things were escalating too quickly that my body was overwhelmed. I tried instead, as much as possible, to ensure that my body was relaxed and to not fight the contractions lest it tenses my body too much that it hinders labour/delivery progression.

I do believe that all the classes helped me and my body prepare for this physically challenging event, helped me be in a better headspace and have confidence in the delivery that laid ahead of me.


I am recovering really well, enjoying all the cuddles and snuggles with wee Emory and absolutely looking forward to coming back for more classes. I am absolutely grateful for all the support, sharing sessions and invaluable advice that was shared in the classes and workshops.


Natural labour induction methods that I tried: Raspberry Leaf Tea (started drinking twice a day from 36.5wks), Evening Primrose Oil (inconsistently shoved it up my hooch), Dates (inconsistent at first but towards the later stages ate 6pcs per day), Sex (had mild contractions shortly after sex), Acupuncture with Lisa at Baby Steps (session was 4 May, 11hrs before my waters broke).


Much love,

Emory, Khai and Declan

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