Post Natal Pilates

Are you a new mum and you want to learn about healing your mummy core and pelvic floor????? Then this class is for you.  All mums welcome from 6 weeks after you welcome your baby.

In this 5 week training course we focus on your postnatal health and recovery, by strengthening your body through Pilates based exercises and restorative breath work. We use light equipment for extra stretch and tone!  We use calming, stress management breathing and relaxation techniques.

These classes teachs you how to exercise safely and we show you how to use light equipment so that you can continue healing and rebuilding your amazing body at home with your baby. Over this course we will strengthen your pelvic floor, stretch and release tired and tight muscles, build tone back in your tummy and help you adjust to the pressures of being a new mum both physically and mentally.

You can bring your baby to class or escape alone! All babies welcome up to crawling. There are no baby exercises in this post natal class, this is all about Mums Health and Wellbeing!!!

Join us in our Mum and Baby, family friendly haven on Dame St, Dublin 2. On the ground floor, just off Dame St we have buggy storage, and our custom built studio on the first floor is bright, airy and full of love waiting to welcome you and your baby!