Mum & Baby Yoga

We have a range of fabulous Mum & Baby Yoga classes including Yogalates & Toddler Yoga.

Mum & Baby Yogalates

Mum and Baby Yogalates

Join us in our Mum and Baby, family friendly haven on Dame St, Dublin 2. On the ground floor, just off Dame St we have buggy storage, and our custom built studio on the first floor is bright, airy and full of love waiting to welcome you and your baby!

This Mum and Baby Training course is a MUST for new mums. We love to see mums from 6 weeks postnatal until your baby begins to crawl!

Mum & Baby Yogalates is a one hour class designed for Post Natal Recovery focusing on restoring the health and wellbeing of a new mum. In this class expect a workout to strengthen our postnatal bodies. We will teach you with specific exercises aimed at re-balancing our pelvis and wrapping our muscles back nice and tight. Once you know these exercises you can continue your postnatal recovery at home with the tools you will learn in our classes each week. Along with this, learn breathing and relaxation techniques for mental wellbeing as we train you in the very best techniques for self care after you have welcomed your baby.

Join us to stretch and soothe both mummies and babies. The class is primarily baby led, as in every class mummy has to respond to her babies changing demands. Feeding, sleeping, poohing and puking all acceptable baby behaviours in class.

Our class is spent working on post natal yoga & pilates moves for mum. You will learn routines that you can do with your baby to stretch and strengthen their muscles. We will teach you techniques for encourage the right and left sides of their brains to connect and develop cross over patterns essential for infant developmental milestones. Or course we will also  enjoy play and cuddles too with our beautiful babies. And we will discuss topics and strategies for pelvic floor and mother’s core,  feeding, sleeping, weaning, work life balance and preparing to return to work. The class flows from mummy moves to baby moves and back and forwards to keep babies entertained!

Don’t take our word for it..this course will be one of your happiest memories of your maternity leave and you will learn so much in these courses from our amazing trainers along with other new mums too! Come join us NOW, no previous experience necessary and nothing needed just you and your baby!!!!

Post Natal Pilates

Are you a new mum and you want to learn about healing your mummy core and pelvic floor????? Then this class is for you.  All mums welcome from 6 weeks after you welcome your baby.

In this 5 week training course we focus on your postnatal health and recovery, by strengthening your body through Pilates based exercises and restorative breath work. We use light equipment for extra stretch and tone!  We use calming, stress management breathing and relaxation techniques.

These classes teachs you how to exercise safely and we show you how to use light equipment so that you can continue healing and rebuilding your amazing body at home with your baby. Over this course we will strengthen your pelvic floor, stretch and release tired and tight muscles, build tone back in your tummy and help you adjust to the pressures of being a new mum both physically and mentally.

You can bring your baby to class or escape alone! All babies welcome up to crawling. There are no baby exercises in this post natal class, this is all about Mums Health and Wellbeing!!!

Join us in our Mum and Baby, family friendly haven on Dame St, Dublin 2. On the ground floor, just off Dame St we have buggy storage, and our custom built studio on the first floor is bright, airy and full of love waiting to welcome you and your baby!


Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Calling all mums and babies…

Join us for 5 Week Baby Massage Training Course. Our baby friendly studio on Dame St, Dublin 2, has ground floor buggy storage and a relaxed, supportive environment where you can meet other mums. Enjoy bonding and playing with your baby. Learn how to help relieve wind, colic and reflux. Chat to other new mums.

We are registered with IAIM so your course fee will be refundable from your health care provider, please check with them in advance.

Plus, everyone who books a Baby Massage course with us receives a FREE VOUCHER to try one of our other Post Natal Classes – Mum & Baby Yogalates or Post Natal Pilates.

This course is open to Mums or Dads and babies from 2 weeks until crawling!

This Baby Massage Training Course, if packed full of love. You and your baby will receive certification on completion on your course.

Course topics covered:

  • Learn how to massage and soothe your baby
  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Increase weight gain
  • Relieve wind and colic
  • Meet other new mums in a relaxed, intimate environment
  • Help prevent Post Natal Depression
  • Bond with baby
  • Have fun!

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Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga

This is a fun class for Mum or Dad and your toddler. It is suitable for 1 – 3 year olds. We guarantee you will laugh and have fun! Some of our moves will include:

  • Sing and move
  • Go on a journey
  • Yoga games
  • Follow my body
  • Animal magic
  • Yoga stories

Please email your interest to and we’ll update you on our next workshop.