Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates

We have a wide range of fabulous Prenatal Yoga, Pilates & Yogalates classes for Mums to be in our premises in Dublin 2.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Classes 3

Pregnancy Yoga works on flexibility, breathwork and birth preparation. We keep the body both strong and flexible in preparation for labour and birth.

We also incorporate some meditation and relaxation leaving your mind relaxed, calm and focused.

Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates is great for working on your strength and flexibility and to keep you strong throughout your pregnancy.

It works on bums, tums and hip strength as well as the upper body. It’s an excellent way of keeping fit and strong while pregnant.

Pregnancy Yogalates

Pregnancy Yogalates

Yogalates takes the best bits of Pilates for Pregnancy and Yoga for Pregnancy and combines them into a  Yogalates for Pregnancy Class.

During the class we stretch, soothe and strengthen mums to be from top to toe. It is an excellent choice for those who can only do one class per week with us.